Monday, November 29, 2010


Last day of November
I better write something.
I am Sexier than Your Boyfriend.

So hows my readers this evening?? I'm sorry i havent been writing for so long. Blame it on my uni for giving us hard assignments and damn exams two days after my major presentation. But screw it. I gave it my all! As in, I gave whats left of my awesomeness on that period. It was the toughest test of my life that I've been through but because of it I got to find out some of my weaknesses that I must work on. For one thing, I didnt know I couldnt work well under stress. My body tenses up thinking of ways to fix it rather that look at it and see what obvious things I can do. Plus and the worst part, my team would get stressed as well. I apologize for that. Another weakness I uncovered is time management. To put it short. Epic Fail. Hahahaha!!

But I have some good points as well to include. Coz I'm just plentiful awesome born. I'm good at ideas. Damn it I'm awesome with ideas. I can plan everything to a single needle and make it sound plausible to achieve. Maybe i'm over reacting a bit. But i'm pretty good in that. Another thing is, I have a sense of leadership to fulfill a role once one is failing and!! I have good communication which doesnt suprise anyone coz I'm just so totally awesome in that. So for people who are hiring who are actually reading a random blog and masturbated to my photo, this is for you you sick sick bastard. HAHAHAHA!! Just kidding.,. I put my kinky photos on my computer. HAHAHAHAAHAH!!!

SO! Whats new... Hmmm... A lot going on but i wont disclose any nice ones here because its personal. But its awesome though. I'll tell you if its good or not later.. In a later post or just never. Gotta problem with that? Take it up with me!! I'll slap your face! Not Kidding.. But I am.. Maybe.. Shut Up!

Alright.. I wanted to touch on the topic of Love and Settling in this post. However after rewriting it 3 times. I still didnt like the outcome. Wanna know why I had problems? Because i cannot define the word love. Settling is easy.. You meet someone you see who seems quite okay and might have a slight attraction towards them and start building it from there. Now some might even see it as building towards a loving relationship. To them, I agree... to a certain level. The easiest thing to do is settle, Love is pain. It requires a lot of patience, a lot of compromising and a lot, A LOT of fights. I cant find a simpler meaning than that. But people forget that it takes two people to love, and your partner is actually on the same boat as you are.. thats why, your not alone, you have a partner by your side who is dealing with the same things as you are. Now everyone has a different view on love so dont believe me on this. Its just an opinion.

Settling is a method many people use once they are tired. Tired of finding that so call "the one" and ends up just settling for a person. Their tired, weary and mostly tired of getting hurt ever so often. But some might think they found the one and ends up getting hitched after a short period of time. Maybe they are. Who knows? Alls i know is, it takes a lot, and i mean a lot, to make a up a steady relationship and in the end it falls apart. People forget that love is the most hardest thing to do but everyone is capable of great love, they just forgot how to use it. Oops.

Alright I'm done, I'm gonna leave it at there. it might seem that it needs a perfect ending but thats where i need some help with. I'm not that experience to actually know this just yet so i'd love some comments to help me close the book on the matter. Hohoho!!! Make it my birthday present!! Hahahaha!! I might bum people out but please.. alls i ask for is that people keep an open mind and think about it. Grab life by the balls and lick it. Hahahaha!! Go experience it, I promise you after the taste, you'll get hooked. in a good way.. I hope.. Not a stalker level.. Please.. dont have my babies.. It creeps me out.. hahaha!!

Signing off!!
Much love (not settling)

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Lazy Bugger!

God. I am one lazy SOB.. Hahaha!

Sorry unknown readers. It wasnt because i was busy or anything, its just I was procrastinating. And i was pretty busy fighting a demon inside me. No not exorcism, just stress related stuff.

So whats new? What the heck is new in my world? Oh i finally figured out that last semester in Uni is a hectic one. I have 2 assignments due in 2 weeks. 2 presentation in 2 weeks. And guess what, my final presentation is 4 days before my first exam. And during that exam period, I have 2 exams in 2 days. Good God! I'm in for the time of my life. But damn it!! I wish if i complained a bit, everything would be better but damn it!! its the real world and others are in a tighter situation than I am. So i'll just blab it on the blog.

I'm still laughing at "thats what she said" jokes. HAHAHAHA!! thank you.. thats what she said. BAHAHAHAHA!! I'm getting bored nowadays. My stress level is higher than what I'm used to so dang it i hope i'll get through this in one piece. I hope my hair wont fall out. I hope i can still keep whats left of my sanity. Dang it!!

Alright, before this turns into a place where all my misery is written out, i would like to change the subject now!! My sister graduated on wednesday. Congrats to her. Her 2nd graduation I attended. Dang. there were hot chicks there! and alot of em. granted its spring and sunny that day so everyone was wearing awesome dresses. Sexy. Sexy. Sexy!!! Oh and then there was this Scotsman reading out names of the graduates wearing a Kilt. And it popped into my mind that i should wear a kilt during my graduation. Its summer anyways so why not!! Plus to confirm it, I saw a dude walking down the street just now wearing a kilt. So its God's way of telling me that yes, I shall wear a kilt. WOOHOOO!!! I'm so gonna give upskirts. HAHAHAH!!

So theres this one thing i'd like to share out. And its about losing interest. I love playing guitar and bass and now learning some tap dance moves from a friend of mine. But at times, i get bored with it or all the rhythm associated with it are somehow messed up. So i get pissed, smoke a cigarette and dont do it for a couple of hours. Then somehow, it attracts me back, whether its a new song or a new choreography, it will get back on track. Granted, during those hours i loath myself and say that its worthless and I wont amount to anything. But! No matter how many times I say that, the feeling of playing something with the right rhythm just excites me and is a tool to keep me going. I guess i'm not ready to give up yet. If I still can make music and make it exciting, different and all round makes me FUCKING happy then yes. I will do it.

So!! I gotta take a shower, i'll write soon. Cheers boys and girls

Monday, October 11, 2010

Granted, I'm a douche. Oops

Alright! So sorry i've missed some days. To my unknown readers

SO!! Here I am at the library trying to blog when suddenly i remembered.. Nothing. I was just stoned as hell in the library. You know. Just bored, you know your suppose to do something but just cant get myself to actually do it. We call it procrastinating. My Mum calls it laziness. And i dont mess with my mum! hahahaha!!

Updates!!! Check out my photos on facebook(I was just tagged, i havent taken any photos myself) I was wearing a suit to Malam Gemilang at Lincoln of Toorak. Damn. Formal event. And i was thinking of wearing a T-Shirt. Hahahahah!! Sometimes my mind works in crazy ways. But it was not bad. The food was amazing. Performances were often dull and long and doesnt capture the essence of performing(Listen to what I'm saying, Hence the title) But my bro Okie did some performance. I didnt know he was a talented guitarist. SO congrats to him!

And yes. We did look extra fine that day. Victor and Haziq. Both were players!!!! Hahahahahah!! Everyone was trying to keep cool. And I was exhausted so I had no choice but to look cool. Hahahaha!! Cant seem to bring myself up to do anything but pose for photographs. What a douchey post im posting. HAHAHAHA!!

OH!!! and i got a new Ipod Touch 4th Gen 32GB babay!! yeah it was second hand but the item was only bought a day before and i got it for 330 instead of 378 RRP. Here's a tip. Dont be afraid to negotiate. Its not how much you make, its how much you keep. My good non existing friendship with Robert Kiyosaki told me that. Always negotiate for a fair price rather than buying short. Coz in the end, they'll just hate you and get annoyed and probably tell other buyers not to buy from you. So!!! Negotiate for a fair price.

And Lastly. If anyone has seen my facebook status for a week now, it was dedicated to my late friend Hery Kurniawan. He was found finally after 3 months. Unfortunately, he didnt make it. And his friends are devastated about what happened. But atleast closure can now begin. It was a mystery for all of us wondering whether or not he is still alive. It was for some a torturing experience knowing nothing about his whereabouts. Special shout out to his family, it was a major scare. it was mind bobbling to think of what happened. But i guess the time of wondering is gone and now the healing can begin. I wish them the best for their future. Much love

So thats it for this week, i promise to write more aights. Cheers

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

2 post in one day?? HOLY CRAP!!

Im Bringing Sexy Back! Woohoo!! Get it? Sexy Back? Sexy.. Back.. Nevermind! IDIOTS!! Just playin. Lots of Love! LOL.. as in Lots of Love?


Alright last friday i went to this Tim Burton Exhibition (FINALLY) just to check out the mind of an eccentric artist. BUT!! There were no photography allowed inside the thing. But thankfully the BATMOBILE was outside. Dang it, the first thing in my head was.. Anyone can get laid in the Batmobile. HAHAHAHA

So here are some photos

Alrightio!! I finally figured out on how to post photos. it was just an icon right above... Hihihihi.. Silly me. But i can only upload like 1 at a time. Anyone knows other apps that can do better?

So anyways. I'm leavin this joint for awhile. Hey, I got some assignments to do dang it. Be cool. Till i see you soon. Bye!

Before the Year Ends


This is what I HAVE to do before the year ends. Note the word HAVE rather than WANT. So its like that thing with the Pyramid that Maslow talks about. Hahahaha

1) Skydiving
2) Rock Climbing
3) That 4 Wheel Vehicle that Drives through the desert. Looks Fun!! I wanna Try it Out!!
4) That Bike thats goes through the forest. I think its Dirtbikes?
5) Abseiling
6) Get a Lap Dance by 2 strippers at the same time
7) Steer a boat
8) Road trip to Sydney. Probably dropping by Perth and Adelaide on the way
9) Save 5000 bucks for next years trip back home
10) Graduate
11) Perform
12) Start learning how to swim
13) Start learning parkour

Alright so thats it! Sorry this entry is so little. Ooops!!

What im gonna do now is to follow up this entry by the 2/1/2011. Not the first coz i'd probably be working that day.

Alright so let us see this if it works. Awesome!

Sunday, September 19, 2010


Waddup unknown readers

So the funniest thing happened to me at work last night. This guy came in to the store and wanted to buy some ciggies. Turns out, he had no cash and said he will be coming back soon with some cash. That happened 3 times. With the same guy. With the same answer. I felt like kicking him in the neck for being high. I assume he was high coz no one would do it like that. Huahahahaha. And I was like, what in the world? He had money. It just wasnt in the form of paper. It was instead casino chips, and he had 10 of em. each worth 25 dollar chips. Dang it!!!

Plus i think i twisted my wrist. very minimal movement. I dont know how it happened!! I just woke up this morning and felt a slight pain on my left wrist. and no i wasnt doing the thing that ya'll might think i was doing with my left wrist.... I usually use my right. HAHAHAHAAH!!! okay lame jokes out of the way!!

Tomorrow is going to be my first day of a one week holiday!! yahoo!! But i'll be working though, but its okay coz i think i need this break. I had been dealing with assignments too much. 7 assignments in 2 weeks. I'm still shocked that my brain cells arent completely fried yet. Maybe some but not all.

OH!! and i just read a recent comment on my blog. The last one from Koh. And i realised, he passed away a couple days later. I was so shocked and uh, well it sucks to be reminded of people who you've lost in the past. And it sucks when i read it and thought, 'dang, we were suppose to go jamming together one day'. So everything you werent able to do before that, was just like a waste. I always had stuff to do and didnt have time to just spend some time catching up. And yeah, now i dont have any left. But, i really hope he's doing well wherever he might be. It was an unfair death. But i guess everything is unfair. You just gotta deal with it.

So this is how i end this blog for now. I really should start writing more now.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

After 1 Year. The blog shall start

Hello people

Im not sure who in the world is reading this site anymore. Even I dont read it. I guess it gets pretty boring after a while writing some shitty note waiting for people to comment on it buy HEY!! thats how people unwind nowadays.

Did you know that FTW actually means For The Win? and here i thought it was WTF backwards. So its Fuck This Whaccamacallit! Oops. Guess the age shall show pretty soon. I aint down with this beiber - ristic slangs. Hahahahah!!! Yeas people, Justin Beiber should be sacrificed to the Gods because well, he just pisses me off. Probably coz im jealous of him. His hair, his entourage of girls but here is the thing! I actually am not jealous. Not even the slightest bit. Im thanking God coz im not in his shoes right now. I wonder what will happen when he hits puberty.

So anyways, we're back to me now coz im so totally awesome *totally*, and well what been happening with me?? Here is where i would normally say 'not much' but that just makes me a lying bastard. So it has been a really rough year actually. A friend of mine disappeared at the coast of Newquay beach in england. He hasnt been found yet but we really hope he is still alive. Assignments and work are my leisure hobbies now, thats pretty sad, and oh last but not least! Im single. For the first time in 2 in a half years, im single. I know we said we would be in an open relationship and stuff but i guess i never really got in to it as much. Free pass to anything but hmmm.. Oh well. It was hard at the beginning. But you know as time passes by, the pain remains but slowly, you'll get use to it. SO!! I think i'll stay single for awhile. And if i need some lovin, i'll just go to brothels. hahahahaha!! nah i wont, too expensive.

So i think i should highlight some awesome thing that happened this year. My friend Mel gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. Sofiah. Aint that awesome! Cant wait to see her. Yes i know im not related to be her uncle but hey, since when do i need permission to be a good friend. Sometimes i dont know why people get so worked up about having to be apart of a family to actually, well, be apart of one? I know we have no blood connections but damn, so what. So anyways back to awesome year again. Well at the beginning of the year i got to go home for 3 weeks. That was amazing!! Went to see my late grandma's grave, that was intense man, got to go meet my other grandparents from my dad's side. Got to go out have fun with the old time buddies (they took leave just for me!) nah their not that nice. hahahaha!! Kidding. Got to eat some malaysian food which i miss so bloody much. Got to see my parents and then get to hear em bicker about my hair being too long and sexy. minus the sexy part. Oh and how can i forget about the all time comic book wars. You see i am an avid fan of reading comics but i guess my parents think im too old for it. So i guess they like to make fun of me when i read comics saying that my youngest cousin has the only privilege to read them comic books. But i say NO!! I've collected comic books since I was like 8. And i still love to read em. SO HELLS NO I AINT GETTING RID OF EM!!

I made a decision to come back after my visa expires. But now i donno. I might come back for a couple of months but i guess i still love melbourne. Weather, chicks, booze, chicks, salary, chicks and the cars here are way cheaper! plus if i ever thought of becoming an actor, it will so easy to gain hollywood status here coz have you seen movies nowadays? Most are aussie actor/tress. I might have to overcome the skin issue but HEY!! I'll show em some Malaysian style to their cast list. hahaha! probably. But i guess there is still one thing thats bothering my mind now. I dont know anything about what will happen in the future. Sounds familiar to everyone? Coz it is!! Im approaching 23 of age and i still have no idea what am i gonna do for my future. I dont wanna have that 9 to 5 job from monday to friday! that sucks!! no offense but that just aint for me. I tried a 9 to 5 job once and it felt uniformed. You know during high school we had to wear uniform everyday to go to school. GOD that was boring. Well thats how i felt when i worked the 9 to 5 job. Bored as hell. But the fear of not having cash will always be there so for awhile i might have to work that 9 to 5 job coz i still need to provide a roof under my head.

Some of ya'll might know me, must know that making up my mind is the hardest thing for me to do. I'll take algebra exams anyday when compared to making up my mind. Coz i guess i always try to think of the "others effect". This is an effect where i created when a person thinks about a decision and thinks how the decision will effect other people. Hence the name. However, that was just the basic philosophy of the whole text. Its mostly on 'what might their reaction be if i chose this?' or 'i'll try to make everyone happy with the decision i will make'. I dont know if ya'll gets it or not but meh, I DONT GIVE A SHIT

So anyways. this is for now. Dang i should find some stuff to put on my blog. Everyone's are so sexy and smokin and alls i gots is a black background. Sound plain and boring. Shall find one soon babay dolls!
Signing out
....... "unable to save"

Just kidding.